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"I have been to a few different therapists, Jen has helped me the most by far."  "I feel like she really listened and had great insight for me."  "She is so personable and I felt more like coming to a friend than a Dr."  "Thank you!"
22 year old female working on depression and anxiety.

"With the help of Brian, we have been able to save our marriage, and understand what it takes to have a successful relationship.  W are so grateful for the help and commitment from Brian.  We will forever be thankful for Brian and Redwood Therapy."  Couple ages 22 and 24 working on marital issues.

"Brian Murdock is an exemplary therapist.  He has a lot of insight and obvious education.  He has very useful methods for helping me deal/cope with problems and concerns.  The staff here is very professional and caring."  31 year old male working on relationship issues and addictive/compulsive behavior.

“Our family has done better as a whole because of the therapy we have received. This has made a world of difference for us. My kids are happier and able to cope better with daily challenges.”   Mother of 9 and 6 year old boys managing divorce adjustment 

“Jennifer was exactly what I needed. She helped me find my own answers. She allowed me to share and grow—with her direction I made the changes that are leading to a healthier me. When I got to the point I felt good going on my own, she agreed and didn’t keep me coming just to come. I will be forever grateful.”   37 year old female dealing with an abusive relationship 

“I am so grateful I came to therapy. I have learned so much and gained self worth. Thank you so much! I recommend if anyone is struggling with any problem don’t hesitate, you will be proud and grateful that you took that step in life!”…19 y.o. female addressing anxiety and low self worth
 "My therapist was so great!"  "I felt so comfortable in talking to her."  "She made so many good points that made so much sense and really helped me work through my problems."...A 20 year old female working on anxiety.

It is not easy to admit you're jacked up to a complete stranger.  It actually sucks really bad and hurts like hell.  The first 8 weeks of my therapy I hurt bad.  Physically, emotionally...the whole enchilada.  But, slowly as each layer of hate was peeled back and thrown away I got better.” 29 y.o. female working on relationship issues
“Jen Fairbourn has been there for me. I have been through years of counseling and she is the first one to really help me get through my problems by giving me the skills I need to do so as she is there to help me along the way.” 26 y.o. female working with bipolar disorder
“Thank you so much for all of your help. You were great.” 27 y.o. male working on strengthening his marriage
“I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for what you helped me with. You were amazing and exactly what I needed.”  23 y.o. female working on depression

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