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A Message from our Therapists

Art Therapy 

Therapist: Jill Poulson




Art therapy was coined by Adrian Hill in 1942 and has since been used in public schools and
with psychotherapists. This type of therapy is different from all other psychotherapy
approaches and has been found to be beneficial for clients searching for relief from often
overwhelming emotions such as grief, sorrow, traumatic experiences, depression, and anxiety.

Research shows a direct relationship between language and certain movements in drawing or
image creation that can increase the fluidity of the brain and may decrease stress anxiety and pain.
Art activities have been known to help traumatized individuals think and feel concurrent.

A trained therapist can provide a safe environment for the client desiring to resolve conflicts
and problems and begin processing difficult emotions including trauma, through the art
medium. Using paint, clay, crayons, markers, or colored pencils, the client can express deep
thoughts and feelings when words are insufficient. It is the creative process in art therapy that
is the therapeutic element and more important than the product 

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